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How to Properly Maintain Your Patio

Stamped Concrete Denver

Decks and patios are exposed to the outdoors all year round, which means keeping a good maintenance routine for your Stamped Concrete patio is essential.

Spring: Wash the Patio

When the sun starts to come out it is time to wash your patio. If you do not, you will be giving an invitation to mold and mildew. This in turn can cause a host of things to grow.

  • Remove any debris that you see

  • Protect any shrubs or plants that are on your deck

  • Sweep the area

  • Clean with the right cleanser or use a pressure washer

  • Clean on a cloudy day to avoid instant evaporation

Cleaning a Concrete Patio

Sweep the patio and hose it down. You can use a garden hose equipped with a nozzle. This will provide a long stream of water. Then use a bristle scrub and get the tough stains out. Especially if you have a grill, you may need to remove oily stains. If it has been a while you can use a detergent such as Dawn or Ajax dishwashing liquid to brighten the surface.

Cleaning a Stone or Flagstone Patio

Hose off the patio and then scrub stains using a detergent. If there are dark black or brown areas, you can scrub them with a solution of bleach and water. This will help to remove moss, mold, and mildew. Finally, spray the stone or flagstone with water to remove the bleach mixture and ensure that it no longer remains on the ground.

Cleaning a Manufactured Paving Stone Patio

This is simple, all you need to do is use a garden hose and blast the debris off. This is the most low maintenance form of patio that exists. You won’t need to seal anything, and you can keep it looking really great for years to come without much effort.

Middle of Summer: Inspect and Repair

When the weather is warm and dry, you may take the time to look around at your patio. Are there any areas that need special attention? You might look for signs of cracks or rotting if there are wooden areas. Be sure to inspect anything that is below the patio as well. If there are any beams, be sure to replace all pieces that are rusted attached to these beams.

Fall: Putting Preventive Measures into Place

Fall is a great time to ensure that you are putting preventative measures into place to protect your patio.

  • Trim nearby bushes and trees. Ensure there are at least 12 inches of space between your patio and ground growing plants.

  • Avoid letting leaves or debris pile up on the corners of your patio, this can cause stains.

  • Move planters and chairs, as well as tables if you have any. This can help to avoid discoloration.

  • Keep nearby gutters and downspouts in good repair to avoid this as well.

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