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Looking for a stunning custom design patio for your outdoor living space in the Naples area? Speak to the Patio Xperts today
and learn more about our unrivaled workmanship.


Naples is known for its sunny weather and outdoor activities, so optimizing your outdoor living space to make the most of it is a must-do for property owners. Installing a beautiful patio is one of the most effective and budget-friendly ways to do that, and Patio Xperts in Naples is the place to go to get it done to perfection

Our team of elite patio builders are the best at what they do, working with a range of high-quality materials to give your home the outdoor space you deserve.

Why Choose a Patio for Your Naples Outdoor Living Space?

Whether you dream of entertaining friends in an outdoor kitchen or spending evenings with family around a cozy fire pit seating area, installing a patio is the perfect way to prepare the land and improve the appearance of your outdoor living spaces.

Create an attractive, practical, and quality-enhancing base for whatever vision you have for your outdoor space. If you have an untouched piece of ground, some out-of-date landscaping that needs an overhaul, or an old deck that could use some TLC, an experienced patio company can work with you to find a stunning solution.

The benefits of having a patio installation rather than a new deck at your Naples home include:

     Long-lasting quality that holds up well against even the harshest Florida weather.

     Versatile installation that can work around fire pits, spaces for built-in shade structures, outdoor kitchen appliances, existing landscaping, and much more.

     Value-adding elements if you ever decide to sell.

     Low-maintenance, easy-to-clean outdoor flooring,



Unlike general patio and deck companies, we focus purely on the best, most beautiful patio materials. All the styles we work with are highly sought-after for Naples properties, thanks to the aesthetics and long-term practicalities they offer.

Here is an overview of what we could do for you.

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Stamped Concrete Patio


Stamped concrete is what we specialize in, and our contractors are the leaders in Naples for this material. It goes beyond simple concrete patios to create large, luxurious outdoor living areas bursting with character.

Your property is bound to impress when you use stamped Naples concrete for your outdoor project, especially with the amazing job our team guarantees.

Paver Patio


Looking for something elegant and chic to elevate your outdoor living space but still hold fast against the harsh Naples weather? Interlocking pavers could be the solution for creating your dream patio design.

Especially popular for outdoor kitchens and al fresco dining areas, paver patios come in many styles but share the common ground of being more than tough enough to last for years and keep your space feeling finessed and luxurious through the colder and wetter parts of the year.

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Flagstone Patio


Few material choices are as timeless, strong, and classically beautiful as flagstone. Completely natural and authentic, a flagstone patio adds instant charm and character to any property.

Turn your outdoor living space into a talking point and standout feature in your home- and your new favorite place to relax and unwind.

Tile Patio


Tiled patio covers can also be added to a custom deck installation to give it a luxurious finish. Even new Naples decks can benefit from a tile patio cover to give it that extra style and substance.

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With years of experience serving homeowners in the Naples area, Patio Xperts has risen to the top of the industry. Customer satisfaction ratings and online reviews speak for themself, and it all comes down to our dedication to impeccable workmanship and excellent customer service.


When you work with us on your Naples project, you can expect the following.

    Expert advice on the best type of patio installation for your property

     Dedicated service from our team from start to finish


     A beautiful, durable, and perfectly finessed finished product

     Versatile designs at a fair price

      High-quality work in everything we do

As is expected from all the best Naples deck builders and patio builders, Patio Xperts is fully licensed and ensures complete compliance and safety working with outdoor materials. What sets us apart is how closely we work with clients to customize our work to reflect their personality and style in everything they want for their space.

Upgrade Your Naples Home with Patio Xperts

Find out more about our professional Naples patio services by contacting a member of the team today. You can request a quote online or simply send us a message through the PatioXperts website to ask for more details.

Our Florida office is also happy to accept calls and emails to speak directly with you about how a patio could improve your property. Get more out of your home and make the most of what Naples has to offer just by stepping into your backyard!

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